EYSA provides recreational soccer for players in the area.

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Our policy is in accordance with Youth Soccer Standards across the country.  Soccer is an outdoor sport: we play in the rain, we play in the cold and sometimes we play in the snow.  The safety of the players and coaches is the prime concern, in threatening weather situations.  If there is visible lightening or audible thunder at the soccer fields during games or practice, it will result in immediate cancellation.  Resuming play will be determined by the presence or absence of lightning and thunder in our area.

In addition, Edwardsburg Sports Complex (ESC) may choose to cancel games due to flooded fields.  The damage to the fields cannot be repaired and would result in play, going forward in the season.  Flooding is defined as standing water on the field.  Fields are at different levels in the complex.  Flooding cancellation may be on one field only, or complex wide.

Lastly, coaches may decide to cancel practice due to weather.  Friday nights are available for make-up practices