EYSA provides recreational soccer for players in the area.

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Edwardsburg, MI
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What to expect after my child has been registered? 

Once registration closes, we have a lot of behind the scenes work to do.  We have to get jersey orders in, create the team schedules, create the practice schedules, get the field map from the complex and update the website. If we are missing coaches, we have to work to find coaches or we have to refund money to the players assigned to that team.  This typically takes us about a week. 


When our practice schedules, the fields and master schedule are complete, we are ready to release the teams to their coaches.  This happens about a week to two weeks after registration ends.  Coaches will then reach out to their team and give you specific information, including practice times.  


You should have heard from your coach by one week before the season starts, at the latest!  You can always see who your child has been assigned to by check online.  All information is on the website. 


*Spring Soccer starts the Monday after Spring Break ends.  *Fall Soccer starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.