EYSA provides recreational soccer for players in the area.

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How EYSA Creates Teams for Each Season

  1. EYSA sets teams by coaches who registered and their children
  2. Next, is sponsors and the child/team they are sponsoring
  3. Third, is by mini teams.  As a reminder, the mini team players must be documented on both registrations to be considered.  Trying to put three kids together by each of them putting one name will likely result in not get placed together at all.  (This is a Rec League.  We want the kids to have fun and everyone the opportunity to win.)
  4. We look at the number of girls registered, to be sure each team is even. (Since girls are typically lower in registration numbers, we look at them.)
  5. Finally, we place the rest of the kids who don't fall into the above category based on birth years, to even out the team.  We try to have the best mix as possible with kids on the team.  



*We know other programs do things differently.  This is what we have found to work the best for us. We will be requesting coaches evaluate their players at the end of each season, to help us keep teams as even as we can.