EYSA provides recreational soccer for players in the area.

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General Information

Spring/Fall Seasons

Through EYSA, teams play other teams from Edwardsburg and the nearby surrounding communities. To encourage a fun and developmental atmosphere, each child plays at least half of each game, no matter the skill level.  Other factors could lead to differences in play time, but coaches will set those expectations up front. 

  • Teams practice 1 (5-U) or 2 times (7U, 9U & 11U) a week. Practices are held at the Edwardsburg Sports Complex for 7U, 9U and 11U.  Practices and games for 5U is held at Gunn Park.  Practice days will be determined by the EYSA Board and practice times will be determined by the coach.
  • Most games are held in Edwardsburg Sport Complex for 7U, 9U and 11U.  Select 9U and all 11U will be playing at other local complexes.  5U plays at Gunn Park, right down the road from the ESC.
  • Teams will play games against other teams of the same age group.
  • Each player must wear soccer shoes, shin guards, socks that completely cover the shin guards for practices and games.
  • 5U players will be given jerseys, shin guards, socks and soccer balls as part of their registration. Parents are responsible to provide shorts and cleats.
  • The players in 7U, 9U and 11U are responsible for providing their own shin guards, soccer shoes and shorts.
  • Players are asked to bring their own soccer balls to practices. (Ball Sizes:  5-U & 7-U players - Size 3 and 9-U  & 11-U players - Size 4)  
  • Glasses must be secured by a strap and NO jewelry can be worn.‚Äč
  • There is no sliding allowed– players must remain on their feet at all times.
  • For the spring and fall, we will provide player and head coach jerseys, awards for EVERY player, an end of season  tourney for 7-U, 9-U & 11-U and will have a photographer back for individual and team pictures.


Set the example for sportsmanship on the field.  Hostility toward or by ANYONE involved with the league will not be tolerated.  This includes players, coaches, referees, parents, and league officials.  We are all here for the kids.  Please set the tone for a positive experience for all.  A winning season is defined by how much the kids smile, not by a win-loss record. HAVE FUN!!