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Edwardsburg Middle School Soccer




Middle School Soccer through the South West Michigan League

EYSA has proudly taken over managing the Edwardsburg Middle School Soccer Program.  This program is under the bylaws and rules of the Southwest Michigan Middle School Soccer League, known as the Mitten League.  

The Mitten League defines its players as children registered in 6th, 7th or 8th grade and are between the ages of 10-14.  In situations where there is not enough players to field a team, 5th graders may be brought up to play.  Children outside of Middle School age are not to be given a spot and deny an actual Middle School Child the spot to play.

EYSA will abide by all the governing bylaws of the league and will hold any coach or parent to the bylaws as well.  Middle School Students may only try out for one team a season, meaning if a girl wants to try out for the boys team and does not make the team, they  have forfeit their ability to try out for the girls team the next spring of the same school year.  Boys are not allowed to try out for the girls team, based on the Mitten League bylaws.  

We look forward to growing this program in a positive direction for all players, parents and coaches involved. 

Cost of Middle School Soccer (current season Spring 2024)